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 Earth Quests

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PostSubject: Earth Quests   Earth Quests I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:29 am

Earth Quests
Help or Leave?
Description: On your way home, you happen to spot someone who appears to be in very bad shape. As you approach him, he groans for help while coughing blood. Will you rob and leave him there, or will you help him?
Minimum Words: 400
Requires: None.
Rewards: 2 alignment and 10 Rep if you offer help,
-2 alignment and 100 zeny if you rob him and leave.

Catch That Thief!
One sleepy morning, as you head outdoors for a leisurely stroll, you happen to see a passing by woman have her handbag pickpocketed. For all things small and leather, you decide to bring justice to this crime. You begin to pursue the thief, he soon picks up on you, continuing on his way, what tricks may he have in store for you? Defeat the thief and return the handbag to it's rightful owner.
Minimum Words: 1000
Requires: 250 PL.
Rewards: 100 zeny, 2 alignment.

Description: You flick on the television one morning to find that a large school in the central city has caught fire.
The situation looks desperate, all entrances and windows have collapsed creating a wall of debris. The fire fighters cannot reach the third floor that is blocked, but someone who can fly can clear the way. The building might collapse anytime,
you must make your move, and quickly!
Minimum Words: 1200
Requires: 350 PL, must know Bukujutsu or Hikou.
Rewards: 10 to all stats, 200 Rep, 2 alignment.

Description: While exploring the streets of Mingyu
your character stumbles upon an encounter between the police and The
Ivory Tiger Gang. The gang has been caught while attempting to rob a
ZennyWise bank, and the police have them trapped at the entrance. Both
are on even ground, and it looks like the standoff will last quite a
while. Will you confront the dangerous gang and aid the police, or will
you help the gang in the hope of getting a cut of the money?
Minimum Words: 2,000
Requires: 800 PL
Rewards: +50 to all stats, +100 Rep, +1 Alignment if you help the police,
+100 Rep, +200 Zeny, -1 Alignment if you help the Ivory Tiger Gang.

Freeze The Hot Shot!
Description: Recently a flyer was jammed into your mailbox, adversing for the local West City Grand Dojo Tournament... No Hercule here, just the top students from the local dojo. But as of recent a hot shot has been storming his way through matches, get to the tournament and teach that twerp a lesson!
Minimum Words: 1700
Requires: 500 PL.
Rewards: 25 to all stats, 50 Rep.

Description: Pretty self-explanatory, there's a ZennyWise branch bank across the road from where you live. You have spied and found out about how poor security they have. You are getting greedy, get over there and get all the money you can, escape without disclosing your identity!
Minimum Words: 1500
Requires: At least -3 alignment.
Rewards: 1000 zeny, -1 alignment.

Treasure Hunt
Description: One night while sapping your drink in the pub's corner, your ears catch an interesting rumor. A group of old archeologists not sitting far from you whisper, that the ancient indigenous people who once lived under the valleys of this strange mountain, hid large amounts of their gold and other riches into the caves in the mountain. Imagine what you could do with that gold! You cannot get this treasure out of your mind and decide to pack and leave for the mountain.
Minimum Words: 2000 words
Requires: None.
Rewards: 1000 zeny.

Kami's Favor
Description: Kami needs some work done at the lookout. As you arrive you are given a long list of tasks to complete, mainly keeping the lookout clean and such, but the price is the favor of Kami!
Minimum Words: 1750 words.
Requires: At least 300 Reputation with Earth.
Rewards: 150 Reputation with Earth and Kami's friendship! (Required to get inside the Room of Spirit and Time).
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Earth Quests
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