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 Racial Quests

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Racial Quests  Empty
PostSubject: Racial Quests    Racial Quests  I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 12:53 am


None at the moment.


Mental Secrets
Spending days of meditation on the grassy hills of your homeplanet, you discover great spiritual secrets. Before you even know it, you become highly skilled at your mental training.
Minimum Words: 1200
Requires: None.
Rewards: The ability "Deep Meditation".

Control The Giant
You become fed up with your slowness in the Kyodaika state, deciding it's time to train up this form!
Minimum Words: 800
Requires: The ability "Kyodaika".
Rewards: The ability "Super Kyodaika".

The Power Within All of Us
You hear about the legendary namekians, known as the super nameks. Reading and listening to stories you are motivated to try it. If you could unlock your own potential, and utilise it's awesome power.... you would be legendary. Starting to get obsessed with the idea that you are one of them, you embark on this new challenge.
Minimum Words: 4,800
Requires: At least 100,000 PL, and the ability "Deep Meditation".
Rewards: The ability "Super Namek", and +2,550 per stat.

Namekian Ascension
Seeking new levels of power you put your body to the test as a super namekian.
Minimum Words: 5700
Requires: At least 175,000 PL and the "Super Namek" ability.
Rewards: The ability "Ascended Super Namek", and +5,000 per stat.


Hidden Power
This can't be your limit, could harder training and meditation bring up your true power?! Find out.
Minimum Words: 1700
Requires: At least 5,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "Unlocked Potential", and +150 per stat.

Halfway To Humanity's Fury
You saw a cool trick performed by the local master, that guy pumped up his muscles and suddenly his powerlevel was skyrocketing. You are eager to learn this trick, see if you can.
Minimum Words: 1,500.
Requires: At least 5,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "50% Maximum", and +1,050 per stat.

Humanity's Fury
While training with 50%, you quickly figure out that you could go higher, getting bigger muscles in the progress. Of course, it would cost you some of your precious speed, making it wise to use against slower opponents or to give extra kick to an attack.
Minimum Words: 3,500.
Requires: At least 15,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "100% Maximum", and +1,350 per stat.

Warrior Human
Your many years of fighting have revived the ancient warrior human within your spirit. It only required some provocation and beating to get him/her out, and your opponent was torn into pieces. Who said humans cannot be warriors?
Minimum Words: 8,500.
Requires: At least 150,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "Super Human", and +5,500 per stat.


Taming The Beast Within
You would like to be in your senses as an Oozaru, driven by this passion, your training takes you into painful sessions of transforming and then trying to remember who you truly are! Push through this challenge!
Minimum Words: 2,500.
Requires: Power Ball or Full moon to use during training.
Rewards: The ability "Controlled Oozaru", and +250 per stat.

The Golden Warrior
You are obsessed with the idea that you can become a super saiyan. Motivated by many stories, but solely by your raising power, you begin your quest of becoming a real super saiyan. Months pass as you train vigorously, only to find out that the super saiyan shows up only when it's desperately needed. (Must be unlocked through a detailed moment of extreme emotion in your rp).
Minimum Words: 5,500.
Requires: At least 100,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "Super Saiyan", and +2,500 per stat.

The True Power of The Super Saiyans
Now you have claimed the legendary transformation, but you feel there are still new, higher levels for you to reach. After thinking about it, you need to neglect the negative effects of the super saiyan form. Once you would master the form, you would easily ascend to much higher levels.
Minimum Words: 4,000.
Requires: The ability "Super Saiyan".
Rewards: The ability "Mastered Super Saiyan".

The Next Level!
You need to take your super saiyan powers to the next level, train hard and unlock far greater power.
Minimum Words: 6,000.
Requires: The ability "Mastered Super Saiyan", and at least 200,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "Super Saiyan 2", +5,000 to all stats.

Even Further Beyond
And who thought that you would stop here? Once again you push it to the limit, reaching this final level of power... Long sessions of vigorous training and deep meditation are waiting for you.
Minimum Words: 8,800.
Requires: The ability "Super Saiyan 2", and at least 500,000 PL.
Rewards: The ability "Super Saiyan 3". +5,800 to all stats.

The other races will appear later...
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Racial Quests
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