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 Namek Quests

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Namek Quests Empty
PostSubject: Namek Quests   Namek Quests I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:41 am

Namek Quests

Frog Trouble
A small village on Namek is under siege, a giant mutated frog that
escaped from the zoo is on the loose, despite being chased out by the
villagers, it still lingers in he forest nearby and at night claims
victims under the moon, stop it before any more lives are lost and other
frogs mutated.
Minimum Words: 1200
Requires: 350 PL.
Rewards: 2 Alignment, bravery award by the village elder, and also 50 reputation!

Namekian Triathlon
Every year the annual Namekian sports is held is this village, it is a
triathlon, consisting of a running race, swimming race and and a flying
race, over the plains of Namek, there are only 3 placings. Competition
will be tough, try and come 1st, good luck!
Minimum Words: 1300
Requires: At least300 SPD and END, 50 Rep, Must know Bukujutsu to compete.
Rewards: You are rewarded with a shiny medal based on your placing,
50 SPD and END, and 100 zeny and Rep!

Royal Chores
Description: You have arrived at the royal lookout, you have come to complete chores
for Guru, the elder of all nameks. There is plenty on your list, make sure you get
them all done, and earn some zeny and the elder's favour, get scrubbing!
Minimum Words: 2000
Requires: 100 Rep and 1,000 PL.
Rewards: You are rewarded with 1,000 zeny, permission to train under Guru, and 300 Reputation!
You also get the password used to summon Porunga, keep it safe.

Get the jewels!
Description: You have noticed a rich namek in the village, who always seems to be wearing the finest jewels, why it was just the other day you saw his grand old house, imagine the zeny in that, get it there in the darkness of night and get those jewels, also taking some loot too. Dont get caught though!
Minimum Words: 1200
Requires: Evil alignment.
Rewards: -2 Alignment and 2,000 zeny.

Work your way over him!
Description: You were wandering the streets of the village the other night, noticing a fight club.
You seemed interested so you went in for a look. It was an enjoyable show, especially with that huge Namek at the end, you'd like to try your chances at him, train up and attempt to beat the big lump, good luck!
Minimum Words: 3000
Requires: 3,000 PL.
Rewards: 100 Rep, 250 to all stats, and a winner's prize, 1,500 zeny!

Frog Toxin Ale
Description: Your wandering through town, when you feel the heat setting in, why not a nice cool ale at the pub? You
order your drink and take a seat at the bar, yet to find the ale is
rather dry. Upon asking the bartender you hear that they're in shortage
of frog toxin (A safe, essential ingredient, to the mix) after losing
their top frog catcher. Feeling sorry for him, you ask if you could lend
a hand until the bar get's back on their feet. You must successfully
capture 10 Namekian lake frogs, normally found by most lakes and rivers,
did the bartender mention each frog must at least weigh 50kg, and must be hand delivered?!
Minimum Words: 2000
Requires: 1000 pl.
Rewards: 30 Rep, 100 SPD and END.

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Namek Quests
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