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 Planet Cold Quests

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Planet Cold Quests Empty
PostSubject: Planet Cold Quests   Planet Cold Quests I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:52 am

Planet Cold Quests

Fresh Recruits
Description: A commander who is preparing his warriors for a special mission offers you a sum 500 zeni if you can train some fresh recruits. There must be at least 5 of them and you will have to teach them all the basics of fighting.
Posts: 5 OR 1700 words
Requires: At least 500 PL.
Rewards: 10 to all stats and a reward of 500 zeny.

Damaged Spacecraft
Description: It is pretty obvious, you have to repair a damaged spaceship for the next mission. Your employer promised you a decent sum of money if you could fix the ship, so get working!
Posts: 2 OR 1000 words
Requires: None.
Rewards: 600 zeny.

Message to Frieza
Description: You are asked to deliver a very important message to Lord Frieza that warns about a rebel attack. Frieza should be dwelling in the palace of the planet's capital with his father, discussing important
matters regarding the organization.
Posts: 2 OR 1000 words
Requires: 500 SPD.
Rewards: 100 Rep and 155 SPD.

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Planet Cold Quests
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