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 Vegeta Quests

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PostSubject: Vegeta Quests   Vegeta Quests I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 25, 2010 9:49 am

Planet Vegeta Quests

Description: On your way home, a saiyan with a sinister smile and an ominous look approaches you.
He challenges you to a fight without asking, attacking, of course in hopes of killing and looting you.
This quest has an optional ending, you can choose to beat him up and leave him there (No aligment shift and the normal rewards), beat him up, but take him to the hospital as a sign of good will ( +1 alignment), or kill and loot him (-1 aligment, but no reputation).
Minimum Words: 400
Requires: 350 PL.
Rewards: +25 to all stats and +50 Rep.

Selfish Strangers!
Description: You went to the pub for your daily drink after your training. You relax and enjoy the leisure atmosphere of the pub, until some soldiers of the world trade organization who had stopped by Planet Vegeta for a break, enter the bar. It all goes well until they start bragging about their recent mission, and tell that these monkeys would rather die than pull off the same feat. It all goes even further, and you really start to get angry like every saiyan in the pub. You stand up and decide to show these guys what saiyans are made off!
Minimum Words: 850
Requires: 1,000 PL.
Rewards: 40 to all stats and 50 Rep.

Royal Guard's Honor
Description: A member of King Vegeta's royal guard has been robbed by a low-class thief, that scum took his valuable armour that bears the royal guard's symbol! As you were on a walk you saw this thief run down from the palace holding the armor and laughing, with the guard arriving too late to even see the thief. You offer your help for the guard who is willing to pay you, and you start to search for the thief that you saw. You should have no problem bringing him down, but finding him is another matter. Find the thief, and return him and the armor to the palace to claim your reward!
Minimum Words: 1200 words
Requires: 100 SPD.
Rewards: 300 zeny and 50 Rep.

Saiyan History
Description: An archeologist is willing to pay a prize for
someone who could bring him valuable, ancient relics and artifacts used by
the prehistoric saiyans. This archeologist is aiming to reveal the
mysteries of ancient saiyan culture.
Minimum Words: 500 words
Requires: None.
Rewards: 500 zeny and 100 Rep.

Fight and Win!
Description: A tournament is held in the local village, the prize money is high and your fighter side gets the best of you. It is a large tournament, 8 fighters in total, forming 4 pairs in the qualification course, then 4 fighters forming 2 pairs in the semifinals,and finally 2 fighters fight in the finals. Go there and beat those guys! Train hard before entering though, the competition will be tough.
Minimum Words: 1800 words
Requires: 1,500 PL.
Rewards: +1000 zeny and +100 Rep.

Path To Power
Description: You have reached the level of super-elite! Your job as a saiyan is to work for the World Trade Organization and clear planets so that they can be sold. You will leave with a team of other saiyans and conquer a planet (no rpg planets, you must make up this planet in your story yourself).
Minimum Words: 5000 words
Requires: You must know Galick Gun and have at least 10,000 PL.
Rewards: +500 to all stats, -2 alignment, +200 Rep and +2,500 zeny.

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Vegeta Quests
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