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 Cello's RP Guide

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PostSubject: Cello's RP Guide   Cello's RP Guide I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 11:02 pm

Cello's guide on sculpting your role play
Hey, chances are if you’re reading this your new, and you’re probably reading this to find out how to sculpt your rp into a real piece of art. And you’re probably wondering who I am, well I’m Cello, one of the mods here at DBRP Universe, I manage Namek and generally just help around here, nice to meet you Razz

I – A good intro
Ok so they say first impressions are everything right? Same goes for rp, you want a
good intro so people will take interest and follow your rp.
Ok so first you want to establish a solid character, which means personality. Try to establish their personality first up. If you want a real badass guy, try and show a bit of a negative perspective on the world, express your characters thoughts a lot. This keeps the reader in the same mind set as your character. But say if you want a happy go lucky sort of character, try and make them seem like a really nice person that goes out of their way to be nice, take on positive points of view. Get the idea?

Now you need good surroundings, have a clear mental map of your characters house/home, make sure you know what kind of places they are living in. We don’t want happy go lucky Joe in a murky old swamp, or Badass Chris in some kind of meadow with flowers. Once again it all draws back to personality so choose wisely. Make sure you have a vast knowledge of the types of environments your characters planet provides. And believe it or not, make sure you know the time of day, for example: Nameks have no night time; I don’t want to start off with Cindy the Namek cooking dinner looking out the window to all the stars.

Friends and family are important too, as in real life, a happy go lucky person would have happy go lucky friends. They would also lay influence; you need to factor these guys into your rp. Unless your character is total loner, you need to include some other people. The world is there for you to make friendships in.
As for the word count of the intro, I wouldn’t worry too much about length on this one. Just make sure you get whatever message you want to get across and finish it there. Save your creativity for the training posts and stuff, you will gain much from this.

II – Maintain your skills
Ok so you’ve got off to a red hot start and have been approved, you look forward to the follow up, but this is usually the hardest part.
Make sure you know what you’re doing, once approved you have many choices (Battling, Questing, Training, and Working) the best to take is training, since power is everything. You probably should raise your stats before you take on the big bad world out there.

Now you may find your next post lacks a little from your intro, now I’m assuming your training so here are my tips.
Be as graphic as possible when battling, ok, a thesaurus comes in handy here, especially ones installed onto your computer. Try not to use things like “Cecil hit the tree with his fist, the tree then began to shake, he then hit it with his foot” change it up to “Cecil struck the tree with his fist, the tree then began to shake, he then thumped it with his foot” this makes it easier to read and different types of words can often describes variations of the one hit. So experiment here and aim for a desired effect.

Also imagine the battles in your head, as if in slow motion, describe every known aspect and emotion/movement that is happening. This helps stretch things out and vastly help the reader understand.

Keep consistent wordcount; don’t go from a 2,000 worder to a 400 then 700. Keep consistent with training, it looks a lot more professional and helps your skills develop one level at a time. Your words counts should slowly increase say from 1500 to 2000 over 4-5 posts.

Now, stay busy. Don’t just do training all the time, get away from your characters house, always have something to keep you entertained. Go on a quest, find a master, then train, go shopping, catch up with a character’s friend, train. See space things out, don’t just rapid train hard day after day, you’ll hit boredom.

III – Final Notes
Just some last notes to head you off:
Remember patience is the key; don’t try to say “Ill finish this story tonight” instead just say “I’ll continue this story tonight” see where it takes you.

Don’t be discouraged by others, stick to what you love, take onboard what they say. Hone your own skills.

Thanks for reading Very Happy - Cello

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Cello's RP Guide
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