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PostSubject: Training    Training   I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 12:16 am

Training is vital to your character's progress in the rpg. When training you raise all of your 3 stats: Ki, strength and speed which are count together to form your PL. Your training results depend on your effort, and the quality of your work. So push yourself, to the end, and yield great results...

Solo Training
This is the most common way to train -- alone. A training post must be at least 200 words long to get approved and be roleplayed as real fighting or training, duh! After you are finished with your post, wait for a mod to grade your post! A short, but good roleplay may even yield greater results than a long one that has little or no depth. If you manage to put together something both lengthy and neat, expect great rewards. Once an admin or mod has spoken, you may distribute your gotten gains to your stats as you like.

*There are two methods of training, so declare which one you use:

The default gain is +50Ki, +150 STR and +100 SPD. Every word over 300 in your roleplay gives you 1 extra stat point per word to distribute. Gravity and training items effect your training when using this method, so remember to count their bonuses right. Note: As androids are dominantly machines, they can't have a hard physical workout. Updating your gear or absorbing energy would be good examples of afternative "exercise".... Of course if you're a cyborg who is dominantly organic you should be able to train as you like IMO. After training you consume 1 point of Det.

The default gain is +200, +50 STR and +50 SPD. Every word over 600 in your roleplay gives you 1 extra stat point per word to distribute. Gravity and training equipment do not give you bonus unless it's a special item like Meditation Chamber. The disadvantage is the high word requirement to get bonus (600), but this consumes no determination at all.

A friendly match fought with another player on the same planet. The rules are similar to those of normal battles, except you can't kill the opponent, take allies, nor steal anything. You start a spar like any other battle, see the battling guide for details. The spar lasts until the other is simply defeated, or if the match is discontinued by the players. After the match the total number of words is counted and both players get that as stat points, that they can distribute into their stats as they want. Since it's a training fight any training equipment and gravity makes a difference. You are limited to spar once per day just like with fighting.


To push yourself to the very limit, you need to be motivated even IRL. Your character always needs at least 1 Det to go through at least one session of training. If you have more than one motivation point, you'll gain 100 stat points per each additional point. Simple, if someone had... 4 motivation, he'd gain an additional 300 to his gains after training. Check the stats post in how to play to find out how to gain Det.
Every level of gravity that you train under pushes your body further. Normal gravity means 1x Earth's gravity and the higher levels are measured with it. You can see planets and their gravity levels from the Planets topic. (To train under the higher levels you need to be in a specific place like a planet simply possessing a higher level of gravity or afternatively buy a Gravitron. Each Gravitron has a limit how many levels it can output). (Saiyans will not get bonus from x10 or lower levels, this is because their body is used to that gravity, been born on Vegeta. This is also to avoid too many saiyans).

Below are all the gainages and PL requirements for each gravity level from x10 to x100.

x10 = 100 to all stats. Requires 1,000 PL.
x15 = 150 to all stats Requires 1,500 PL.
x20 = 200 to all stats. Requires 2,000 PL.
x25 = 250 to all stats. Requires 2,500 PL.
x30 = 300 to all stats. Requires 3,000 PL.
x35 = 350 to all stats. Requires 3,500 PL.
x40 = 400 to all stats. Requires 4,000 PL.
x45 = 450 to all stats. Requires 4,500 PL.
x50 = 500 to all stats. Requires 5,000 PL.
x55 = 550 to all stats. Requires 5,500 PL.
x60 = 600 to all stats. Requires 6,000 PL.
x65 = 650 to all stats. Requires 6,500 PL.
x70 = 700 to all stats. Requires 7,000 PL.
x75 = 750 to all stats. Requires 7,500 PL.
x80 = 800 to all stats. Requires 8,000 PL.
x85 = 850 to all stats. Requires 8,500 PL.
x90 = 900 to all stats. Requires 9,000 PL.
x95 = 950 to all stats. Requires 9,500 PL.
x100 = 1000 to all stats. Requires 10,000 PL.

*The levels go up with the same basis.
Master Training
Training under masters can make your training much more efficient and gives possibilities to learn techniques teached only by that master. Every planet has a sticky topic containing the planet's own masters, where you can find them, what you need to train under a certain master and what moves they can teach you. Note that you must be good to train under a good master, same for evil masters. Neutral players can train under anyone. After the training you will get the bonus from the master specified in that master's training methods as bonus.

Learning Techniques

To learn a technique you first need to meet the requirements for that technique and create a normal training post. In your post you should roleplay how your character is practising to master the technique and eventually pulling it off. At the end of your training post you should inform the mod what technique(s) was learned in this post, so that there will not be mistakes. Only fundamental and basic techniques may be learned while training on stats. You can learn multiple techniques per training, provided that you have enough words for each.

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