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 Playable Races

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PostSubject: Playable Races   Playable Races I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 12:14 am


Androids are robotic/cyborg humans, created by only the most dedicated scientists. Most of the androids are said to have unlimited energy and have eternal life. They also have no aura unlike Saiyans, Humans, and others. Androids don't feel pain nor fatigue, they also don't require food or sleep. Androids can start only on Earth, their upgrades are also sold there. They start with 450 pl.

-Pros and Cons:
+ They have a chance to buy special upgrades.
+ Start with: Energy Absorption and Hikou.
- Can't use sensu beans.

Nameks, also commonly known as Namekians, are a race from the planet of the same name.
They are humanoid with insect and reptilian-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae.
Namekians are asexual, but they all have a male body-structure. They are wise creatures and great fighters. Namekians start with 400 pl and on Namek.

-Pros and Cons:
+ They have unique techniques that only they can master and use.
+ Start with the technique Mystic Attack, and the ability Regeneration.
- Start with only 400 pl to distribute.

Humans (sometimes referred to as Earthlings) are the main inhabitants of planet Earth. They share the planet with the other main intelligent lifeforms, including anthropomorphic animals. Humans usually have pathetic powerlevels, except for those who have learned to manipulate Ki. Humans must start on Earth. They get only 250 pl at start.

-Pros and Cons:
+ -100 minimum word requirement from any basic technique being learned.
+ Start with 500 zeny.
- Start with only 250 pl to distribute.

Saiyans (Saiya-jin) are an endangered race of extraterrestrials inhabiting Planet Vegeta.
They are a naturally aggressive warrior race inheriting natural fighting abilities. Saiyans usually have brown or black hair that doesn't chance or grow after birth, black eyes and a tail.
Saiyans start on Planet Vegeta. They get 500 pl at start.

-Pros and Cons:
+ Start with the ability "Zenkai Healing".
+ Start with the ability "Uncontrolled Oozaru".
- Until a saiyan has completed the quest "Overcoming The Weakness", he/she can be stunned for 3 turns by grabbing the tail.

The race that Frieza and his family belong to, or are related to.
There are still few survivors of this race that inhabit Planet Cold. They are powerful
reptilian-like creatures that can incent forms to hide their true
power or even increase it. Changelings start on Planet Cold and get 1,000 pl at start (yes, you heard me right).

-Pros and Cons:
+ Start with the technique "Tail Swipe".
+ Can travel without a spaceship.
- Start with 0 zeny.

The "race" of Cell. These beings are completely, biologically constructed fighters. Bio androids originated originally from Dr. Gero, and anyone who happened to get their hands on his blueprints. Bio androids are constructed from the fabric of many lifeforms, Changelings, Namekians and sometimes even Saiyans. Thus possessing most of pros they benefit from. You may choose your heritage from a maximum of three races you are built from, except from Majins and Androids, or your own kind (Duh!). Also, you get your "Pros and Cons" from the chosen races, you can choose up to two pros and one con for yourself. Put them in your joining post when making a b-android, please. Bio-Androids can start on any planet and get 400 pl at start.

-Pros and Cons:
+ Any from one of your chosen races.
+ Any from one of your chosen races.
- Any from one of your chosen races.

Demons hail from the "Demon World". They are evil creatures who enjoy using their power to kill and torture those who are weaker than themselves. Demons start on Earth and have 600 pl at start.

-Pros and Cons:
+ Start with -4 alignment.
+ Can escape the Otherworld instantly.
- If hit by a spirit bomb instantly killed.
- Cannot gain good alignment.

There are many creatures in the Dragon Ball universe, this race includes them.
You can start on any planet and with 300 pl.

-Pros and Cons:
+ Custom transformations.
+ Start with 500 zeny.
- Start with 300 pl.

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Playable Races
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