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PostSubject: Stats   Stats I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 11:53 pm

Powerlevel (PL) - Powerlevel defines your total power as a number. Powerlevel is calculated by adding all other stats together: Ki + Vitality + Strength + Defence + Endurance + Speed = PL.

Ki - Energy required for special techniques. Your Ki also defines the destruction your Ki attacks cause when they are fired.

Vitality (VIT) - The amount of damage you can take without blocking or dodging before being defeated in battle.

Strength (STR) - Strength is your character's physical might. In battles damage dealt by physical attacks is determined with STR.

Defence (DEF) - Defence measures block change and has a part in deflecting too.
If your DEF is high enough you can completely block an attack and suffer no damage at all.
Always reduced with -1% per successful block to prevent blocking forever.

Endurance (END) - A high END is required to take many hits, but suffer minimal damage. END is halved by -1% everytime you fail to defend from an attack and take damage. Endurance is basically the
last defensive stat that protects the character's vitality.

Speed (SPD) - Speed determines who makes the first move in battle as well as wholly determines dodge change. After dodging successfully always reduced with 1% so you cannot dodge forever.

*not used in battles:

Zeny - Zeny is the money currency through the galaxy. Every character starts out with 100 zeny (except for humans, see races page). Zeny is gained from jobs or completing rewarding quests.

Reputation (REP) - REP measures your reputation throughout the galaxy. A higher REP means higher possibilities, like training under unique masters, or gaining access to different places. Every character has 0 at start and then advances by completing important quests or taking part in sagas during difficult moments.
The maximum reputation is 1,000.

Alignment - During the rpg your alignment changes based on your actions. Alignment can be Evil, Neutral, or Good. Alignment influences your actions in the game, for example Evil characters cannot learn attacks such as spirit bomb and suffer more damage from spirit bomb. Some masters have an alignment, and only characters of that alignment may train under that particular master, though anyone can train under someone who's neutral. Alignment even determines what you can wish with the dragon balls. Neutral characters aren't influenced by the good and evil alignment flaws nor advantages. The alignment "scale" is explained below:

Red = Evil
Yellow = Neutral
Green = Good

-7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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