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 How To Battle

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PostSubject: How To Battle   How To Battle I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 11:40 pm

How To Battle

Battles are what the rpg is all about! You can fight with others to prove your superiority, murder other players maliciously, protect your friends, steal items and zeny, protect your planet or even destroy one.


Battles are completely fought by roleplaying in the forums. You can have only 1 fight per day and can't fight the same character 2 times in a week. To start a battle you must challenge a player that is on the same planet and online. You can do this via private messaging or any other messaging way. When you have an opponent find a referee to monitor the fight, judge the damage and calculate that all stats are increasing or decreasing properly and such. After a ref has agreed to monitor the fight the referee must start a new thread titled -----vs----- or something of that sort. In the first post the ref tells who is fighting and what is the battle type.

Battle Types
There are 3 types of battles and each has certain rules applied.

1 vs 1
- This is the default battle type and follows the standard rules. The fight ends if the other dies, escapes or simply forfeits the battle. No special rules apply to this type.

2 vs 1
- Two outmatched warriors may fight a stronger opponent together. If the allied fighters win they will get normal battle rewards. If the stronger opponent wins he gains 50% more battle reward.

Team match
- Up to 3 vs 3, a large melee of two teams. The attacking order goes by SPD: the team member with the highest SPD would be the first to attack and so on. Note that battle reward is divided and shared by the victorious team members.

Withdrawing and Resting
Withdrawing means one or two members may retreat from the fight and rest, leaving at least one warrior to battle the opposing team. If someone is resting he can do anything else except attacking. When a fighter chooses he may return to the battle anytime in his friend's defensive phase and take the defensive action.

The battle is fought in turns, each turn is basically divided into two phases: the action phase and the defensive phase.

In the action phase you will have action(s) (1 by default)
that you can use to:
1. Use a physical attack.
2. Use a technique.
3. Use an item.
4. Withdraw and rest (if in a team).
5. Hide or attempt to flee.
6. Start a grapple (explained later).
7. Ally with someone.

In the defensive phase you will not have actions to spend, but you will react to your opponent's action(s).
In the defensive phase you can:
1. Try to block your opponent's attack.
2. Try to evade your opponent's attack.
3. Try to deflect a Ki attack aimed at you.
5. Avoid or answer a grapple started by the opponent.

*Note that there will not be a defensive phase unless the opponent did something offensive. Duh!

Physical Attacks
Physical attacks can be anything ranging from elbows, headbutts, punches to kicks, knees. and double axehandles.
You can do 1 per action and the damage is determined by your STR. If a guy who has 100 STR elbows you in the face he'll do 100 damage, it's that simple.

Grabbing The Tail
If your opponent is a saiyan you can always try to grab his tail if he/she hasn't completed the racial quest "Overcoming The Weakness". If you manage to get 3 by rolling a 3 sided dice you are successful, and the saiyan is stunned for 3 turns, unable to attack/defend. If you fail though, you get a physical attack right in the face (cannot be dodged). The tail of an Oozaru can be cut, with the same rules. If successful the saiyan will revert back to his/her humanoid form within 2 turns.


Grapples are those intense melees where fighters attack and defend with an increased pace in close-quarter fighting. To initiate a grapple you must
use your whole turn and type: "Start grapple" or something of that sort. After this the opposing player may choose to either block or avoid the grapple. Blocking starts the grapple and avoiding it cancels it. If a grapple is cancelled the fight will continue normally and the player who tried to initiate the grapple gets the next turn.

*You cannot avoid the grapple unless you possess a higher SPD stat than the opponent.

When in a grapple melee, both characters are limited to physical attacks and get 2 actions per turn. The first who gets hit by a heavy attack loses the grapple. The winner gets the next turn and 1 action to use.

Hiding and Fleeing
You can always escape from a battle if you want to save yourself. To run away you must first hide and remain unnoticed for 3 turns, after this you can try to flee from the battle.

Hiding requires 1 turn to complete. When hiding you cannot do anything except post and roleplay, or use an item.

*If your opponent knows how to sense Ki signatures or if he has a scouter he can find you instantly.

*Androids do not have Ki signatures and thus cannot be found.

*You cannot be found if you know the Ki suppressing technique.

If you have remained unnoticed for 3 turns you may roll a 3 sided dice. If it returns 3 you may escape from the battle, and in case you get 1 or 2 you'll get noticed and the opponent gets the next turn 1 more action to pummel you.

*Escaping the battle cancels your battle rewards and drops your alignment with -1.

Ki Attacks
Any Ki attack can be charged requiring 1 action. Charging a Ki attack adds to it's damage 10% per action you charge it. When charging you can still dodge, but in case you are hit you will have to charge it all over again.

Beam Struggles
Beam struggles happen when two Ki attacks collide and are still controlled by the users. You may initiate a beam struggle in your defensive phase if you are attacked with a Ki attack. To initiate a Beam struggle you post in your defensive phase: "Block ------- with -------". The attacks must be beam based or they will explode causing no harm to the characters. When the defender posts he specifies how much Ki he puts to the attack, this gives the attacker a change to put more and win. After this the attacker tells how much Ki he is putting to his attack. The character who had the most Ki in his beam wins the struggle. The loser will suffer all the damage from the opponent's newly empowered beam. If the Ki amounts are almost equal the winner is decided by 3 sided dice rolls, the first who gets 3 in his turn wins the struggle.

Transformations are temporary power ups unique to each race. Any transformation requires 1 turn by default. The bonus gained to stats is always counted from your original stats! Some transformations like Super Saiyan may consume a lot of Ki and apply a specific effect or status.


Taking Hit
If you are stunned or under special conditions because of battling you cannot defend and thus take direct hits. In this case the damage perveived is compared with END. If the damage is lower than your END you suffer no damage. If the damage is higher than your END you will receive the left damage to VIT. After this END is reduced with 1% always.

Blocking is measured with DEF. You can block anytime, provided that you have a normal status and that the attack can be blocked.

When blocking your current amount of DEF will be compared with the incoming damage. If your DEF is higher than the amount of damage you can block the attack completely and it causes no harm to you. After a block the DEF stat is reduced by 1% so that one cannot block forever and always succeed.

Failing to block means the damage surpasses your DEF amount. In this case the left damage faces your END stat. If it still is too much and exceeds END it is inflicted to VIT. In case you are taking hit also END is lowered by 1%.

Dodging is measured with SPD and with a slightly similar way as blocking. Your current amount of SPD is compared with the damage. If your SPD is higher you will dodge successfully and be unharmed, but if your SPD is lower than the damage you fail to dodge. Failing to dodge an attack is considered as taking hits. After successfully dodging SPD is reduced with 1%, getting hit when trying to dodge won't halve your SPD.

Deflecting means you swipe away a Ki attack aimed at you. You can deflect anything if you are strong enough, but getting hit when deflecting can be dangerous. Deflecting is measured with 2 stats: STR and DEF. Take 50% of your current STR and DEF and count them together. Compare this to the Ki attacks damage. If the damage is lower than the number you deflect the attack and it causes no harm to you. If the technique's damage exceeds your deflecting power it is considered taking hit. After deflecting STR is reduced by 1%.

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How To Battle
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