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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 11:38 pm

Forum Rules

You must follow these rules so that everyone can have fun here and noone thinks this site is full of jerks. I have used colors to mark how severe is the punishment you will get from breaking a certain rule.

The number of the rule is colored either green, yellow, or red. Green means you will only get a warning, and there will not be a second or third warning! You are banned for a week if you are caught breaking the rule again, it takes one month to be able to receive another warning without a week-long ban. Yellow is basically the same as green, though the ban from this is one month. Breaking a red rule gets you IP-banned forever without any mercy.

  • 1. Do not ask moderatorship if you are not a friend of mine or Cello, if you are not a veteran who has experience here, or unless I am recruiting moderators.
  • 2. Use proper grammar when roleplaying, this should be obvious. Everyone has typos, but if you write like a 6-year old kid noone's gonna read your roleplay.
  • 3. Do not steal anyone's work, e.g copying a part of someone's training.
  • 4. Respect other players! Absolutely no negative remarks on someone's religion, taste of music, sexuality, skin colour, etc. on this site.
  • 5. Do not upload or show pornography in any post!
  • 6. Don't try to cheat, for example lying about your wordcount. If we catch you from doing this you are very dead.
  • 7. No god-modding! Sure you can kick some butt in your rp, but not turn super saiyan and destroy the galaxy in your first training post.
  • 8. Avoid spamming... the only place you can do this without getting into trouble is the "Fun and Games" forum.
  • 9. Follow word requirements in roleplaying activities, default is 200. We have a wordcounter in the Portal in the "rpg tools" box.
  • 10. Keep cursing to a decent level of imagination. If we see half your role-play is nothing but mindless swearing it will not be approved.
  • 11. No canons (characters from the show and manga.) This is afternate universe, although some canons exist to serve as masters or other npcs.
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Forum Rules
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