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PostSubject: DBZ SITE!   Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:41 am

Hello me and my friends Casey, and OMFGdie have been trying to make a new RPG based on Dragon Ball Z. So far we have not got very far so it is basically open for everyone. What is very unique about our RPG that most don't have is that you make your own race, techniques and/or abilities you want. Plus every post you make you go up 100 Power Level (PL). When you get this PL you can be able to strengthen up and later transform into a new being.

Check it out! It is on this site- http://dragon-ball-z-rpg.webs.com/

We accept any writing skill level, and it is a very easy, non difficult RPG to learn. So please come check it out. We don't bite.... often Wink
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