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 What is DBRP? - Things you should know...

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PostSubject: What is DBRP? - Things you should know...   Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:43 pm

This post is to shed some light upon everything. Razz DBRP Universe aka: Dragon Ball Role-playing Universe. The year is 736 (around the time of this post), just a year until Frieza blows up Planet Vegeta, and Goku is not even born yet. However, DBRP follows an afternative timeline. This means that virtually anything can happen, everything can change. It's actually all a big what-if, if you like to call it that. Some characters might not even show up, so the players alone get to build an afternative reality with their actions. But the main goal is to give DBZ a darker, realistic atmosphere. This means that there won't be a dog as a president, no talking animals etc. And GT is not considered (wholly) canon, who knows if there will someday be an ssj4 transformation, we already have the dark star balls.

So, get an open mind and give this place a chance!
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What is DBRP? - Things you should know...
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