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 Some Serious Revamping (UPDATED)

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PostSubject: Some Serious Revamping (UPDATED)   Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:52 pm

It's still WIP. The system will change heavily, but it will certainly be more easier to follow, diverse and unique. Many things like the stat system will be changed, but nothing will become harder. The system is the following.

-New Battle stats-

Ki/PL - Not influenced by other stats, one independant stat. Will determine mental might, HP and powerlevel. (Thus Ki/PL)

Strength - Same as before.

Speed - Same as before.


Basically how motivated your character is atm. Having higher motivation while training yields greater results. You can get this from open rps, victories and quests. Losing battles and training will decrease motivation.

SP - New stuff, SP (skill points) are points gained from trainings, quests, battles and spars. These are spent to learn techniques or advance them. One SP point maybe used to increase stats by 100.

Armor - All the bonus gained from your equipment is count together to define your armor. It's an extra shield that takes damage.

Training will be more challenging and realistic, RPs will be approved via a special system that measures
length, depth and quality.

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Some Serious Revamping (UPDATED)
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