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 How To Join

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PostSubject: How To Join   How To Join I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 8:47 pm

How To Join

Follow these 5 steps to join:

Step 1.
First off, you should read some of the guides at the forum "How to Play" to get an idea how everything works here. This will prevent future mistakes that you might have when roleplaying.

Step 2.
I take it that you have learned the basics now, now register if you haven't already. If you are registered move to step 3 so we can proceed.

Step 3.
Now when you are done registering go to your profile and search for the character tab, far right. Activate your character sheet and fill in the information you can as a member.

Step 4.
After activating your character and entering the information go to the "Character Creation" forum.
Once in the forum you post a roleplay containing a story telling about your character and his/her life a bit and how you start your journey. You can ask the veteran roleplayers for help in case you are new. After writing your story and ensuring it is over 200 words (use this site to count the number of words in your text) you will get 300 distribution points (*some races start out with more or less points, check races page). You can add these to your 6 stats (VIT, KI, STR, DEF, END, SPD) how you want.
After distributing the points count all stats into one to determine Powerlevel.

Step 5.
After you have specified your starting stats post your joining post. You should wait for a moderator to check your post that it is valid, follows the rules, is over 200 words and that you have the stats right. If your character is approved the changes will take effect and your character sheets are modified in your profile page.
congratulations! now you can start roleplaying and begin your journey! Remember to stick to the rules and respect other players while playing and most importantly, have fun. Any questions you might have can be asked in the general discussion, but always check the guides first before asking anything, it's for the mental health of the staff. Razz

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How To Join
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