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PostSubject: Abilities    Abilities        I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 5:46 am

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Energy Absorption - Android starting move. Used in the defensive phase against a Fundamental or Basic Ki attack. Roll a 3-sided dice, if the dice returns a successful 3, the power of the attack is then added to the android's stats. (If the android fails to absorb (dice returned 1 or 2), he/she takes the damage). May also be used on a defeated opponent to absorb his/her remaining Ki, adding it to your stats permanently.

System Recharge - 10% of Base Ki and Vit is instantly replenished. (Can be used only twice per battle). Requires the upgrade: "Recharger". Takes 1 action to use.

Unlimited Energy - Requires the upgrade: "Ki Generator". Infinite Ki for three whole turns!
(Can be used only once per battle). Takes 1 action to use.

Kamikaze! - Requires the upgrade: "Suicide Bomb". Once used, the user explodes in to pieces after 1 turn, inflicting 25,000 damage to all characters on the battlefield.

Killing Machine - Requires the upgrade: "Omega Chip". Permanently powers up your body by 25% per stat.

Super Android - Requires the upgrade: "Super Android Chip". The android becomes much more muscular, in fact huge. The color of the android's hair, skin, and eyes might also change. The android's SPD is raised by 75% base, all others except Vit and End by 150%. Takes 1 turn to use/disable.


Regeneration - You can convert up to 90% Ki into Vit as you want,
to instantly recover from any injury. Takes 2 actions to use.

Magic Materialisation - Starting ability for Nameks. An ability to create an item out of thin air.
Once per month the player may create an item that is worth 1,000 zeny or less, and get it.

Deep Meditation - 10% extra to all stats from any mental training sessions.
The quest "Mental Secrets" must be completed.

Kyodaika - A Namekian ability to grow immensely, almost matching a saiyan Oozaru. 50% str, end, def, and ki, but -25% spd. Attained automatically once a powerlevel of 10,000 is reached. Takes 2 actions to use/disable. -5% Ki Drain.

Super Kyodaika - Your Kyodaika transformation decreases Spd by only -10%, and the ki drain is eliminated. The quest "Control The Giant" must be completed.

Super Namek - An ancient, but powerful Namekian ability. The namekian unlocks their potential by discovering his true self and thus a spiritual awakening is experienced, and the sleeping power within is awoken. Once reached, the user can unlock this power anytime he wants. Raises Str, End, and Def by 75%, and Spd and Ki by 100%. Takes 1 turn to use/disable. Requires the quest: "The Power Within All of Us".

Ascended Super Namek - A mastered version of the Super Namek, the namekian brings even more latent energy to the surface while in his super state. Usually achieved by vigorous training and meditation. Takes 1 turn to use/disable, raises Str, End, Def, Spd and Ki by 125%, requires the quest "Namekian Ascension". (Once reached replaces the normal Super Namek ability).


High Tension - 50% to all stats except Vit for the next 5 turns, takes 1 action to use and drains -3% Ki every turn unless disabled. Can be used only when the user's Ki is 100%. Attained when a powerlevel of 1,000 is reached.

Unlocked Potential - 20% to all stats permanently. Requires the quest: "Hidden Power".

50% Maximum - 50% to all stats except Spd and Vit, takes 1 action and 2% Ki to use/disable.
The user bulks up slightly, no other physical changes are experienced. Requires the quest
"Halfway To Humanity's Fury"

100% Maximum - 100% to all stats except Spd and Vit, and -25% Spd, takes 2 actions and 6% Ki to use/disable. The user bulks up heavily, no other physical changes are experienced.
Requires the quest: "Humanity's Fury".

Super Human - Your many years of fighting have revived the ancient warrior human within your spirit. Awoken by rage, you first want to tear your enemies apart. The user becomes slightly more muscular and appears to have a dim white glow, but no other changes are experienced. Permanently raises
Str, End, Spd, Vit and Def by 55%, and Ki by 75%. Requires the quest "Warrior Human".


Uncontrolled Oozaru
- The natural saiyan ability to turn into a giant ape under the influence of the "Blutz Waves", that are usually emitted by a full moon. To transform, the saiyan must have a source of Blutz Waves and the tail must be intact. Unless controlled, the form has several flaws: After transforming the saiyan is unable to attack or defend for 3 whole turns (not in control). IF the opponent(s) deals any damage to the saiyan in this 3 turn period attacking/defending is allowed. The user is also limited to physical attacks and the technique Mouth Blast (even if you don't know it). It takes 2-4 turns to transform, depending on the moon's status. If the moon chart in the portal is lower than 95% the transformation would take 4 turns. A power ball or a 95% full moon turns you into an oozaru in 2 turns. Once transformed End, Ki, Str, and Def are all raised by 75%, and Spd is decreased by -25%.

Zenkai Healing - If a saiyan survives from a fight with 30% or lower Base Vit, he/she gains 25% per stat. All saiyans start with this ability. (Counted from original stats).

Saiyan Spirit - 10% to all stats for the next 5 turns. Can be used only once in a fight. Attained once a powerlevel of at least 10,000 is reached.

Controlled Oozaru - You now have full control over your Oozaru form. You may attack/defend instantly after transforming, all techniques can be used, and the form decreases Spd by only -15%. Requires the quest "Taming The Beast Within".

Super Saiyan - A powerful transformation that was thought to be a mere legend. The transformation occurs when a saiyan reaches his/her natural limit and experiences extreme emotion. The saiyan's aura becomes golden colour, the hair is elevated and turns golden in color like the eyebrows, eyes turn green and a slight increase in muscle mass occurs. Unless mastered the form invokes great anger, arrogance, pride, and strain on the body. Raises Str, End, Def, Spd and Ki by 75%, takes 1 action and 5% Ki and Vit to use/disable. Requires the quest "The Golden Warrior".

Mastered Super Saiyan -Staying as a super saiyan in your daily life, you have learned how to endure the conditions of it, making it your normal state and boosting it's power. Raises Str, End, Def, Spd and Ki by 80%, takes 1 action to use/disable. Requires the quest "The True Power Of the Super Saiyans".
Once reached replaces the ability "Super Saiyan".

Super Saiyan 2 - The golden hair brought on by the original transformation becomes longer and rigid; most of the hair that hung loose in the Super Saiyan transformation is now raised. Increased energy radiation causes the aura to take on a jagged, fierce flame-like appearance rather than smooth or flowing, and electricity continously surrounds the body... Raises End and Def by 100%, Str, Spd, and Ki are raised by 125%, takes 1 action and 5% Ki to use/disable. Requires the quest "The Next Level!". The user must be in the Super Saiyan form to use this ability. Once disabled, the user reverts back to Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan 3 - The rigid hair of the Super Saiyan 2 state becomes flowing and smooth again, and grows down to or sometimes passes the user's waist. The eyebrows vanish completely, making the forehead and eye ridges appear larger and revealing a more prominent brow ridge. A small increase in
muscle mass is evident, and muscle tone is sharply defined. The aura pulses at an extreme frequency, and lighting is all over the user. Raises End and Def by 140%, Str, Spd, and Ki by 155%, takes 1 action and 20% Ki to use/disable. Requires 3% Ki per action to maintain. Requires the quest "Even Further Beyond". The user must be in the Super Saiyan 2 form to use this ability. If disabled, the user reverts back to Super Saiyan 2.

Super Saiyan 3 Mastery - You have learned to control your super saiyan 3 transformation through experience, experiencing lower levels of energy drain. Your super saiyan 3 transformation takes only 10% Ki to use/disable and requires 3% Ki per turn rather than action. Achieved automatically once the ability "Super Saiyan 3" has been used at least 10 times.

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