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 Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium

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Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium Empty
PostSubject: Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium   Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 1:57 am

Hey y'all, I recently have hit the signature making craze (Again) after returning from a short period of it last year, where I made some pretty basic signatures (On gimp). So I'm once again getting my gimp suit (Pun) on, and taking on board any requests.
My expertise seems to be decent, and comes out nicely, I'll have some examples below:


Ok then, so if anyone would like to request a signature, send in a form like this:

What dimensions:
Base Pic: (A pic you want me to use in the sig, if you dont have one, tell me which dbz character I should use)
Any text on the sig:
Any Backround Image:

For Banners:

What Dimensions:
Banner Heading:
Any Feature Characters:
Any Theme:

Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium Imback
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BOY: No, the singer!
DAD: Look son, beavers don't sing...
BOY: -.-
DAD: I should have raised you better...
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Cello's Signature/Banner Emporium
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